Molon Labe T-Shirt

Molon Labe T-Shirt

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Covid-19 is running rampant.  Store shelves are bare, times are tough, and you don't know where your next meal will come from.  But you know what you don't have to worry about?  Toilet paper.  You were smart enough to grab 70 cases of the beautiful butt-hugging two-ply before this all kicked off, and now you're sitting pretty on your throne while everybody else is fighting over that old issue of Home & Garden from 1987.  But you heard through the grapevine that they want to come get some of your stockpiled Charmin.  To them I say Molon Labe.  Because when $h!t hits the fan, he who has the most toilet paper wins. 

Our Graphic T-Shirts are made with the following features:

  • Colored shirts are made of 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Tagless design for itch-free comfort
  • Double-needle stitching for better durability
  • Soft and comfortable so you can wear it all day long

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold, inside-out, with like colors
  • Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life
  • Do Not iron
  • Do Not dry clean
  • Proudly Printed in Shawnee, OK