Our Story

A veteran’s bone-deep, unwavering love for guns and shooting, mixed with a LARGE collection of T-shirts (my wife wouldn’t let me buy more without getting rid of the ones I already had) led to the idea of creating shirts intended for shooters.  As a shooter myself, I feel there are not many options in apparel which represent my passion.  My wife and I began working on ideas for starting something small to supplement our income while we both work our full time jobs.  I’m sure she was secretly grateful that I was FINALLY talking about something other than guns.  During our trial run into T- shirt printing, I received a product from a company that works with and helps people with Autism.  It's amazing to think how one product sparked an epiphany and changed the direction of our fledgling company; which in turn, fueled the decision to create an actual clothing brand. 

Our son Liam is autistic and has Cerebral Palsy.  He will never be able to live on his own.  My wife and I have had many discussions about his life as an adult and how he can become a contributing and independent person within his limitations.  We quickly realized this business was a chance to do more for our son when he gets older and possibly help others like him.  He is now the driving force behind Shooter Ready Apparel.  This company will provide Liam with an opportunity to work like any other person, and an income to buy all the superhero comics or movies his heart desires.

Shooter Ready’s goal is to offer quality apparel that will resonate with shooters of all levels and any person who experiences the same love of firearms.  Whether you are military, law enforcement, a competitive shooter, recreational shooter, hunter, or avid collector, we want you to feel represented through comfortable apparel with your passion in mind.

Shoot straight and we hope to see you on the firing line!